It’s no secret that customers make snap judgments on whether or not they want to do business with a company.The sun rises over the ocean, with palm trees in the foreground, all in bright 80's style colors

For better or worse, these judgments are often based on a brand’s visual appeal. Yep. Turns out most of us do, in fact, judge a book by its cover.

That’s where great graphic design comes in.

Through clever use of color, imagery, and typography, an eye-catching logo or design can help elevate a business’s success by making it more visually appealing. And memorable.

But, like everything else, graphic design changes. It shifts and evolves. New trends bubble up. Old styles return with a bang, or meld together to create fresh takes on classic styles.

Let’s explore some intriguing graphic design trends that are getting lots of attention.


Modern Nostalgia

One exciting trend taking the graphic design world by storm right now is Modern Nostalgia.

Sounds like those two things should cancel each other out – but it’s their very contradiction that makes it work. This curious combination allows companies to appeal to customers’ emotions and foster a stronger connection with their brand. At the same time, incorporating modern design elements shows the company is up-to-date, relevant, and forward-thinking.

Expect to see designers mixing and matching different eras. From the retro curves of the 70s to the low-res techno-vibe of Y2K, Modern Nostalgia combines elements of the past and present to form something that adds a captivating sense of excitement to cozy old techniques.

When done right, a graphic style that blends modern with nostalgia can be a powerful way to build a lasting brand loyalty in customers, and set a brand apart from competitors.


A.I. Design

Is it me, or is it getting harder to talk about literally anything these days without A.I. coming into the conversation?stylized A.I. art of a bottle of soda pop sits beside a diner's pool overlooking the Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Hard to argue why, though. This intriguing technology is changing so many industries right now. And graphic design is no different.

With the help of A.I. design tools, designers can now craft intricate designs that were impossible to create manually. And the amazing thing? The technology behind it is still evolving and improving.

A.I. can automate repetitive tasks for designers, and generate alternative designs along a similar theme, as a way to add way more options to any project. Plus, with A.I.’s ability to analyze large amounts of visual data, designers can find unique inspirations they might not have discovered otherwise.

As with any new tool, some artists are watching and waiting before they adopt A.I. into their workflow, while others are diving straight in.

But, going forward, we can expect to see more A.I.-generated designs popping up.


Minimal Vintage

Nostalgia. Retro. Vintage. Hmm, starting to detect a theme here. (Maybe it’s got something to do with certain paradigm-‘sploding technologies like A.I.) No matter the reason, many graphic designers are looking to the past for inspiration.

This style takes the core principles of minimalism –

  • Less is more
  • Keep it simple
  • Leave plenty of empty space
  • Only include the bare necessities

– and adds a touch of vintage flair. The result is a simple design that conveys a message or an idea quickly and effectively, while the vintage elements give it a timeless quality.

Additionally, these designs often use muted tones and subtle textures, which gives them a sense of depth and interest.

This style is particularly effective for brands or campaigns that want to convey a sense of authenticity or tradition while still remaining fresh and modern.



Shifting gears to the opposite end of the design spectrum, Maximalism embraces bold colors, patterns, and textures to create a densely wild, decadent look. Instead of relying on white space, maximalist designers fill the page with layered graphics, oversaturated colors, and lavish patterns.

The result is a unique and visually stunning message that challenges many traditional approaches to design.

By breaking away from the simplified minimalist design trends that often dominate the industry, a Maximalist approach can create a sense of noisy energy and excitement around a company’s visual identity. It reflects the brand’s bold and innovative spirit, which can resonate with audiences in a big way.

From logos to packaging, website design to email newsletters, Maximalism can be an effective way to help elevate a company’s business and leave a lasting impression on customers.


Drawing on Success

These days, gaining a competitive edge in the market requires eye-catching graphic design.highly stylized art of an astronaut starring up a ringed planet

If you want to stand out from your competitors, it pays to invest in designs that capture attention and draw focus straight to your brand.

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