Did you know that 74% of social media users make purchasing decisions from what they see on their feeds? Whether that’s on their timelines, stories, or reels, that’s a lot of people who now use social media to guide their purchasing decisions.

But wait, you say, what’s a reel, or a timeline? If you’re not versed in social media, it can be hard to keep everything straight about the whys and hows of posting. Despite the learning curve, social media is here to stay. Whether you don’t have a Facebook or if you’re constantly scrolling through Twitter, here’s why you should use it to drive traffic to your website.

Group of young people looking at their phones

Those “pesky ads”

If you’re on social media, you’ve noticed some sponsored posts. It might even be creepily coincidental – have you ever been talking to a friend about a product or service, and the next time you’re on social media, an ad for what you were talking about comes up? Is social media spying on you?

Algorithm conspiracy theories aside, these ads work. In fact, half of all social media users actively click on relevant ads that come up on their social media pages. This might be annoying if you’re trying to scroll in peace, without being bothered by an ad or twenty in your feed. If you’re a business owner, you should be paying attention.

First, if you scroll, you’ll notice these ads are for things you’ve mentioned you like or wanted. Plus, they can blend in with other posts or stories well. And not everyone hates them, particularly the younger generation. Up to 40% of young adults surveyed said they found a new place to have lunch via Instagram and/or TikTok, two of the most popular social media platforms among the younger generations.

Do I need to learn how to do TikTok dances?

We assure you, no. Even if you’re on TikTok, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make social media work for you. Before you dive into newer social media platforms, here’s a suggestion: go where you audience is.

Older demographics and a lot of businesses are already on Facebook. If you do business with other businesses instead of consumers, LinkedIn will be your best friend. The younger crowd’s most established platform is Instagram. If you’re targeting a younger audience, that’s your best bet – especially if your content skews more visual.

In fact, ads from Instagram stories raked in $16 billion last year. Better yet, for the revenue they can bring you, they’re inexpensive and easy to set up on the platform. Putting together a quick Instagram or Facebook story can garner a larger return on investment than running an expensive ad campaign. By having relevant, engaging links on your page, you can also get rewarded by search engines like Google with more reach.

But how do I stand out?

If you’re posting consistently, posting to the platform where your audience is, and posting at the right time, you’re already winning half the battle. To get more eyeballs on your page, you can spend a small amount to boost your post.

Also, pay attention to your insights and analytics. If you’re not sure when your audience is really on your platform, run a few tests and see how each post performs. These tests can measure anything from keyword performance to which days and times have more eyeballs on your post, also called reach.

Typically, scheduling your posts for when you have a higher reach is advised. However, don’t neglect engagement. Although you may be reaching fewer people at certain times, prioritize posting when you receive more likes, comments, and shares, not just reach alone. Why? Because that shows you when the people who are interacting with your posts are online, viewing them. And people who are already engaging with your brand on social media are more likely to become loyal customers.

One final piece of advice:

There’s no need to become a social media posting machine. Post campaigns and use social media to let your audience know what they need to know. Whether that’s about a new product, promotion, or team member, social media is a great way to keep your customers informed about big changes. Consistency and posting what your audience needs to know is the core of what you need.

Hard to keep up with engagement, or post consistently with everything going on? Contact us and we’ll happily take social media off your hands for you!