As a business owner, I get a ton of emails every day. While I answer them all as soon as I can, most of them are standard questions and feedback that’s become routine over the years, so there’s really not too much that comes my way anymore that surprises me.

Then, I came across an unusual email that I never expected to read.

Scrolling through my inbox, I came across what I assumed was a typical email for me. The subject line wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; I expected the email was from a customer looking to do business. Turns out it was, but with a twist:

Based solely on a glowing five-star review from one of our customers, I received an offer from someone to buy our company!


I assure you: we’re not selling! But, think about what a glowing review from one of your customers could do for your business.

Reputation management isn’t all doom and gloom

So much of reputation management seems to be focused on the negative: crisis management, damage control, mitigating negative comments and reviews. We could go on.

It’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, we live in a world where bad news travels faster than good. It goes back to the old adage: if a customer has a positive experience, they’ll tell two to three people. According to a White House Office of Consumer Affairs study sourced by Inc, if they have a negative experience, they’ll tell about a dozen people. Sometimes, they’ll tell twenty or more!

However, all of this concentration on doom and gloom can often miss the bigger picture of reputation management: establishing and maintaining a good reputation online. Ideally, with a stellar reputation established, customers come flocking to your business.

Cultivating a stellar online reputation

It’s impossible to have no negative experiences or unhappy customers. After all, a business is a relationship between you and your clients or customers. Eventually, any relationship hits some kind of conflict or rupture. It’s inevitable.

That said, by keeping in touch with your customers, resolving any bad experiences you hear about, and continuously keeping your customers updated and informed, you can earn a reputation as an attentive business that doesn’t just see their clientele as dollar signs.

In order to do that, you need to start garnering positive customer reviews. A while back, we shared our tips and tricks to encourage customers to leave positive reviews. Asking customers who had a positive experience to leave a five-star review is one thing, but you still need to do the legwork to earn that review. Provide excellent customer service. Also, be sure to make it easy for customers to leave a review for your business.

We can’t guarantee you’ll receive an offer from someone to buy your business, but in our experience, maintaining a good reputation management strategy can bring in new customers and show the world that you’re dependable and trustworthy.

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