2022 is finally here, so new trends are emerging in the content sphere. Providing more engaging content is more important than ever, as business continues to move more and more online.

You know why this is. As marketing becomes more targeted and technology is allowing businesses to hyper-personalize content, customers are growing to expect content that’s tailored to them, not just communicating your brand.

Besides technology marching on, COVID has also altered customers’ and clients’ spending habits. Going forward, some of these trends are here to stay and others may be going by the wayside.

Amid all the content buzz for this year, here’s where your focus should be for great content in 2022. Read our bog for details, and be sure to check out the different content package we offer. Make content marketing a breeze – contact us today!

Communicating Changes

COVID is still impacting how businesses are operating. From increased pickup options to automating some processes in the wake of the Great Resignation, small businesses are continuing to respond to COVID. Indeed, the pandemic has ushered in trends that have gone from a “nice thing to have” to essential. However, some things seem to be returning to “normal.” Although COVID is still around, foot traffic is increasing thanks to vaccines and stay-at-home orders lifting.

In the world of content marketing, continued communication is key. Let your customers know whether pickup is still available or if you’ve changed your policies on masks and foot traffic in your store. There are tons of ways to keep your customers apprised of changes through content, from blogs and eblasts to updating landing pages and writing social media posts.

Interactive Content

Since Google is updating its metrics to measure engagement, content will be keeping up. Interactive content continues to surge in popularity. Simply, interactive content is any type of content that requires readers to engage with it. Rather than just passively reading what’s on the screen, interactive content, like surveys, polls, and quizzes, needs responses from the readers. Not only does this content engage your followers, it can also be used to gather critical information about their experience.

If creating this type of content seems daunting, there’s good news: it’s easier than you think. Polls and quizzes can easily be created on social media, or incorporated into an eblast or one of your landing pages. If you’re in ecommerce, interactive content along the buyer’s journey can further engage your customers as they’re funneled from your homepage or social media post, through the process on your site to your ultimate goal: getting your customers to click “buy” or “schedule an appointment.”

More audio and video content

Audio and video content are both surging. From the return of podcasts to short-form video content, people are getting information from more than just text nowadays.

The good news about this content trend is that it doesn’t have to be as much work as you think. If you offer a new product or procedure at your business, there may be a video you can already use to educate your customers. Be sure to check copyright and your vendors’ agreements before posting though!

Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach customers. It’s not as short as a social media post, but it doesn’t have to be as long as a blog either. Emails are a great way to communicate to your subscribers about promotions, specials, changing hours, and more!

Because people have to subscribe to read your eblasts, you’re reaching customers who already want to hear more about your services. The challenge here is to keep your customers engaged with regular, attention-grabbing content so they don’t click the dreaded “unsubscribe button.”

Relevant long form content

Increasingly, readers crave thoroughly-researched, long-form blogs that are entertaining to read and inform them about new trends in your business. A shorter blog could still do the trick, but long form content is shown to maximize SEO and can better position you as an expert in your industry.

It’s also harder to stay ahead of the curve in this area, especially regarding quantified search algorithms. What makes great content can’t be defined with numbers or quantifiable metrics. It’s something you know when you see. So, craft your long-form content with your ideal customer in mind. What do you want to tell them? What will they want to know?

Here’s where you can bring the new trends of 2022 together. Include audio and visual content in your blogs that’s relevant to the topic and will help your customers learn what they need to know. You can also include short surveys and polls near your call to action to gauge how your readers are reacting. Also, ensure your content is something your ideal customer would want to interact with.

You can also think outside the box: long form content can be more than a blog. FAQ pages, testimonials, and other forms of copywriting can inform and engage your readers and customers, too.

H4: Same Great Content

Despite new trends, the idea is still the same: give your customers the information they need to know. When you do, make your content engaging and relevant to both them and your business.

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